About Us
Cochin Stock Brokers Limited (CSBL) is the only one subsidiary of the Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd, a successful broking firm in Kerala since 2000. We are a SEBI registered intermediary and a corporate Trading cum Clearing member of the Capital Market segment of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) & The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
Being the subsidiary of a Regional Stock Exchange, we only trade for the clients of our sub brokers, as per SEBI mandate. If you are looking to trade through us, all you need to do is to register as a client with one of our sub brokers, who are also members of Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd. Over 138 sub brokers are presently affiliated to us, having their offices all over Kerala and their details are available in our site under Our Branch Net Work
Our trading and settlement functions are completely automated with state-of-art technology, in addition to our well-experienced staff catering to client needs. We bank with Axis Bank, The South Indian Bank, HDFC Bank , The Federal Bank and The State Bank of India to ensure a smooth funds transfer arrangement for trading operations and more importantly to reassure ourselves that client payouts are prompt.

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